Windows Desktop Development

I have many years experience with Windows Desktop development for a number of different applications including industrial automation, consumer, business and real time remote control. Despite the shift to web based solutions there are many scenarios where a desktop application still makes sense. For Windows 10 based devices I can offer development on the UWP (Universal Windows Platform). UWP apps can run on Windows desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

My Windows desktop development services can include a Windows installer and connectivity to web services. For example, I have developed a Windows desktop application that communicates with a cloud based software license server. Other desktop to web connectivity solutions I have developed include querying a web service for downloadable digital content.

I also have Windows development experience with device drivers and connectivity with USB and Bluetooth devices.

Windows Development Technologies

I have experience with the following Windows development technologies:

  • .NET (C# / C++/CLI)
  • Native C++
  • SQL Server database
  • WPF (MVVM)
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows device drivers