Custom Software Development

If you have software requirements that are not available with off-the-shelf products I can help you out. I have over 15 years experience developing custom software for many different applications. My experience covers Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms. As a freelance software developer I can minimise overheads and keep the budget to a minimum for your project. I can also investigate the possibility of utilising open-source software as part of your solution.

Custom Windows Desktop Development

I have designed and developed custom windows desktop applications for consumer, industrial and financial markets. My experience with Windows desktop development also includes Windows device drivers, customized installers and web service connectivity. I primarily develop Windows applications with the Microsoft .net framework and have experience with Windows Forms and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technologies. For future custom Windows development I can use the UWP (Universal Windows Platform). UWP apps can run on Microsoft phone, tablet and desktop platforms. See my Windows Desktop Development page for more information.

Custom Website Development

Whatever your custom website development requirements are I can help you out. I have experience with developing websites ranging from small portfolio sites through to large commercial web applications. I mainly use the Microsoft ASP.NET platform and associated tools for website development along with front end technologies including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS. See my Web Development page for more information.

Custom Mobile App Development

I offer custom app development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. For all of these platforms I have built commercial apps which are currently deployed in each app store. I also have experience with in-app payments and AdMob advertisements. Monetizing your app won't be a problem. See my Mobile App Development page for more information.

Custom Software Services

Here are some examples of custom software applications that I can build for you:

  • Custom CRM - Off-the-shelf CRM products tend to be over complicated and difficult to implement. I can build a simple and fast CRM specific to your needs.
  • Custom CMS - There are some good open-source or off-the-shelf CMS products that I can help tailor to your specific requirements.
  • Application specific software - I can custom build software specific to the unique requirements of your application.
  • Custom website development - Whatever your custom website requirements are I will be able to build a solution for you.
  • Cross platform app development - I use Xamarin for building quality native apps that run across Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms
  • Custom Windows desktop development - Windows desktop applications for business, consumer and industrial sectors.
  • Cross platform software development - If you require a software application that runs across mobile, desktop and web platforms I can build this for you.
  • Custom database development - I provide SQL Server database development for web and desktop environments.